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Arkiv Academic Press is an imprint to Arkiv förlag, a Swedish publishing house with a long history of academic book publishing since the start in 1974. Arkiv förlag publishes classics within the social sciences, philosophy and history in Swedish translation as well as original Swedish academic literature. Over the years Arkiv förlag has also published books in English. Since 2012 Arkiv Academic Press publishes international print editions of Arkiv förlag’s English books.

Printed books are available to the international market through distribution with Ingram’s Lightning Source. You can buy these books from most English and international booksellers including,, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and many more. If you are a bookseller, please contact Ingram (

E-books are available to the international library market through distribution with EBSCO and ProQuest. If you want access to our titles, please contact your local university library.

The following books are currently available in print from Ingram and as e-books from EBSCO and ProQuest:

Josefin Persdotter, Menstrual dirt. An exploration of contemporary menstrual hygiene practices in Sweden (paperback 2022, ISBN: 9789198645415, open access e-book 2022, e-ISBN: 9789179243685,

Olof Hallonsten, The Campaign. How a European Big Science facility ended up on the peripheral farmlands of Southern Sweden (paperback 2020, ISBN: 9789198645408, e-book coming)

Kristofer Hansson & Markus Idvall (eds.), Interpreting the brain in society. Cultural reflections on neuroscientific practices (paperback 2017, ISBN: 9789198085495, e-book 2017, e-ISBN: 9789179242961)

Gunnar Olofsson & Sven Hort (eds.), Class, Sex and Revolutions. Göran Therborn – A Critical Appraisal (paperback 2016, ISBN: 9789198085488, e-book 2017, e-ISBN: 9789179242978)

Lisa Lindén, Communicating Care. The Contradictions of HPV Vaccination Campaigns (paperback 2016, ISBN: 9789198085471, e-book coming)

Sven E O Hort (birth name Olsson), Social Policy, Welfare State, and Civil Society in Sweden. Volume I: History, Policies, and Institutions 1884–1988 (3rd enlarged edition [1st edition by Arkiv förlag 1990], hardcover & paperback 2014, ISBN HB: 9789198085433, PB: 9789198085457, e-book 2017, e-ISBN: 9789179242985)

Sven E O Hort (birth name Olsson), Social Policy, Welfare State, and Civil Society in Sweden. Volume II: The Lost World of Social Democracy 1988–2015 (3rd enlarged edition [1st edition by Arkiv förlag 1990], hardcover & paperback 2014, ISBN HB: 9789198085440, PB: 9789198085464, e-book 2017, e-ISBN: 9789179242992)

Rebecca Selberg, Femininity at Work. Gender, Labour, and Changing Relations of Power in a Swedish Hospital (paperback 2012, ISBN: 9789198085426, e-book 2017, e-ISBN: 9789179243005)

Olof Hallonsten (ed.), In Pursuit of a Promise. Perspectives on the Political Process to Establish the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden (paperback 2012, ISBN: 9789198085419, e-book 2018, e-ISBN: 9789179243135)

Ericka Johnson, Situating Simulators. The Integration of Simulations in Medical Practice (paperback 2012 [original edition by Arkiv förlag 2004], ISBN: 9789198085402, e-book 2018, e-ISBN: 9789179243142)

Distribution for Arkiv förlag’s English books not yet available from Arkiv Academic Press and Ingram:

If you are a bookseller you can contact our Swedish distributor Förlagssystem ( and purchase all titles (except Gunnar Persson’s Essays on Mobility and Social Reproduction) from them. Otherwise place your order by e-mail: or by phone: +46 (0) 46 13 39 20.

If you are out to buy a book for yourself or an institution you can either contact us (e-mail:, phone: +46 (0) 46 13 39 20) or try one of the major Swedish online bookshops that ship outside Sweden:

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