Essays on Mobility and Social Reproduction


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The essays in this book discuss several aspects of the reproduction of the working class focusing on the social and technical division of labour. They are based on mobility data from Sweden and other countries. The author demonstrates the limits of educational reforms in equalizing career opportunities. It is stressed that these limits are due to existing social relations.

A main theoretical problem is how to explain the reproduction of en economic order characterized by large inequalities of earnings. The author challenges the orthodox economic analysis and shows that the structure of relative earnings is only vaguely and inconsistently related to the process of allocation of labour.

One essay analyses the political impact of the changed social reproduction of the Swedish working class. On the basis of recent electoral data it is argued that the decline of socialist votes in the working class can be seen as a result of its increasing social heterogeneity.

Some of the material in this volume has previously been published in journals such as Acta Sociologica, Economy and History, International Migration and Quality & Quantity.