Bela from Güssing

The Tale of an Austrian-Swedish Holocaust Survivor

Rothstein, Bo

227 kr

The 1930s marked a time of terror and anguish for the Jewish inhabitants of the new republic of Austria, so also in the province of Burgenland where the Rothstein family lived. Over the town of Güssing the heavens darkened and the elders were sent to death camps. This book is the story of Berth Rothstein’s several attempts at escape. For instance to Palestine through Italy, a journey that ended up in southern Sweden where he formed a new family during the war years of the 1940s. In 1988 he published his memoirs in German, here available in English for the first time.

The book is edited, translated and provided with a preface by Berth’s son Bo Rothstein, an internationally recognized political scientist and senior professor at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. He was born in Malmö where his father and mother were active in the local Jewish community.


Published by Förlaget Kultur och Samhälle, distributed by A-Z/Arkiv förlag.